Kelly Rowland’s Lack Of Relation To Beyonce Delays Her Album Once Again

Feb 15th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Kelly%2BRowland.jpgPoor Kelly Rowland–she sticks by someone, and all she gets is pushback in return. From Brown Sista:

As you all know Kelly’s album was due to be released last year and was reportedly pushed back to make room for Beyonce’s B’day album.Now Kelly’s album is once again being pushed back but this time to make room for the re-release of Solange’s “Solo Star” which is due to hit stores in April.Some speculated that a new single and album would be imminent after Columbia posted a link to a single on their site but the link is now gone as is any official date as to when Kelly’s album may actually be coming out.

If you swore that reading that gave you deja vu, that’s because something similar happened last May, when Ms. Kelly–which was apparently in the can back then–was delayed in order to avoid conflict with B’Day. Kelly’s official site swears that the album is coming “soon,” but unless she changes her last name, we’re doubting the likelihood of that claim. Perhaps she should go the Amerie route and start releasing mixtapes? We bet she’d have a ton of diss-track material.

Kelly Rowland’s Album Still Up In The Air [Brown Sista, via Crunk + Disorderly]

  1. rad_matter

    I’m more amazed that Solo Star is being re-released more than Kelly’s album being pushed back. The Pointer Sisters can’t get some of their albums re-released but Solange can get an album re-released after having a baby. Amazing.

  2. Maulleigh

    Maybe it’s just a sucky album. And since all publicity is good publicity, it would behoove Kelly’s record label to release it when Beyonce’s album comes out. All the press: fugetabowdit.

    I choose to shut my eyes like a new-born pup and believe that they’re actually best friends like People says they are. I always believe People.

  3. 30f

    I heard the first single, “Like This” off the Kelly record the other day. It was pretty good and included a verse from Eve. There is so much more going on here for Beyonce and Poppa Knowles.

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