“Blender” Might Soon Be Added To “Top 500 Magazine Sales Of All Time” List

Feb 15th, 2007 // 5 Comments

BlenderMarch2007Cover.jpgAdvertising Age is reporting that Blender–the magazine of choice for overly horny Black Eyed Peas fans–is up for grabs:

After nearly a year of refusing to comment on “rumors” that it had retained Allen & Co. to find a buyer for Maxim, Stuff and Blender, Dennis Publishing has confirmed the worst-kept secret in publishing: The company’s titles are indeed on the block and are indeed being represented by Allen & Co…Blender’s circulation and ad pages continue to grow, but the five-year-old magazine isn’t a big moneymaker…

If Blender is sold, it will be the second major music title to change hands since last spring, when Spin was purchased by Hartle Media (also currently available for sale is I Write Sinz, an exciting new two-page zine that’s being offered in the cafeteria of Hicksville High School). If you have any Blender info, please send it along to tips@idolator.com.

Dennis Comes Clean About Titles For Sale [AdAge.com]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    I’m sure someone will snark about its glibness and surfeit of charticles, but I’ve been enjoying Blender and feel like its view of the pop universe is fairly unqiue among major-circ U.S. music magazines. It’d be sad to see them go.

  2. dollywould

    No snark here. I enjoy it as well (because I love Q, too). I think a lot of it is cleverly written. I paid a whopping $7 or so for my subscription, and I better get every issue!

  3. joshservo

    Blender is okay in my book as well. Yes, one does have to suffer through pictures of scantily clad pop tartlettes to get to the interesting bits, but…Wait, why is that a problem? Why can’t I learn about the entire Tom Waits back catalog, and see pictures of Katharine McPhee in nine inch heels?

    All not-quite-kidding aside, it’s a far better music magazine than Spin and RS (Yes, I realize I just said nothing), and although it’s fratty parent company caused it to skew a little sophomoric…I’d still rather read it than “AARPaste,” the flaxseed oatmeal of music mags.

  4. fnt

    Yeah, all posturing aside, it is the best print music mag produced stateside. That may not be much to brag about but still…

  5. Brian Raftery

    Oh, I doubt it’s going anywhere, sale or no sale. Its still thick with ads during an industry-wide dry spell, and the staff is pretty lean. That said, I’ll be happy to never again look at those Carmen Electra-led house ads for Maxim’s hair-product line.

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