Cornell Doubts He’ll Return To His Jesus Christ Pose Anytime Soon

Feb 16th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Apparently, our commenters aren’t the only people who, upon hearing about Audioslave’s breakup, wondered if Chris Cornell would be giving Kim Thayil a call in the coming weeks:

Any chance of a Soundgarden reunion?

I seriously doubt it. If that were ever going to happen, someone would have to rally behind it. We ended on a great note. There is no unfinished business and no record to make and no more tours to play. I think that’s a great thing. At the end of the day it’s the fans who make you who you are. We can all be proud that a Soundgarden fan can always put on a Soundgarden record and not have to try and get some uncomfortable memory of a bad show or a new record in their mind. (laughs)

We have to concede this point to Cornell–particularly in this reunion-crazed climate, getting back together might not be the wisest decision for a band whose legacy is pretty much unimpeachable. Then again, pretty much everything that followed “Cochise” has planted many uncomfortable Cornell-related memories in our minds, so perhaps a one-off show might serve as a palate cleanser.

Soundgarden – Flower [MP3, link expired]
Soundgarden – New Damage [MP3, link expired]
UPDATE: Chris Cornell Speaks About His Split With Audioslave [Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily]
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  1. PengIn

    I thought Gasoline was decent song, but you’re right, Cornell’s been phoning it in lately. And by lately, I mean the past 11 years.

  2. beta.rogan

    Once he starts needing money he’ll fire up the old Soundgarden Machine. Still…it IS nice for at least one person to be able to sit back and say “hey you know what, we had a good run and we quit while we were ahead.”

    It’s honorable….you hear me Rolling Stones??

  3. antistar

    In the 3 albums Audioslave put out, there were a lot of good songs. I do have higher expectations for his next solo album, but honestly, he works better in a group. How much can a “solo” act with session guys rock(did you see him perform the Bond song on Leno?)? Even Jeff Buckley had a core group of guys behind him on the Grace tour.

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