Boy-Band Tycoon’s Career Is Starting To ‘Sync Even Further

syncrs.jpgLou Pearlman–the man who helped launch the careers of ‘NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys–is missing. The FBI is trying to track down the 53-year-old Trans Continental Records founder, whose Orlando-based business empire is the target of a massive criminal investigation. And they couldn’t find him yesterday, even after raiding his home (which he shares with a former member of one of his lesser-known boy bands) and business offices:

In serving the search warrants, the FBI also served notice that it was taking charge in the rapidly expanding probe of Pearlman’s troubled enterprises, which range from boy bands to a charter airline to downtown development.

They raided the same offices that were taken more than two weeks earlier by Orange Circuit Court Judge Renee Roche after state investigators claimed that Pearlman’s Trans Continental Airlines had defrauded more than 1,000 investors.

There are now 16 suits pending against Pearlman, seeking a total of $134 million. His alleged transgressions are hard to encapsulate–the Orlando Sentinel has an entire Pearlman archive–but one of the most pressing accusations is that he was running an ambitious Ponzi scheme to bilk investors. Considering the scope of the investigation, we’re sure Pearlman will show up soon; in fact, we’re guessing you can find him right now at some undisclosed Disney nightclub, where he’s eating fistfuls of Mars bars and asking the waiters if they can hit a mid-range falsetto.

Feds raid Pearlman offices, mansion []

  • Bhickman

    He shares his house with a member of one of his “boy” bands? Nothing at all wrong with wanting the affection of a young strapping lad, but that kid must only want that disgusting slob for his money…guess he better find another sugar daddy with that $134 million lawsuit.

  • 30f

    I guess things really could be worse for Poppa Knowles and his Sanctuary Urban Records Group.

  • musicquizking

    A few years ago, Lou released an auto-biography. I bought the book. I don’t remember any chapters on Ponzi schemes.

  • Bob Loblaw

    (as choreographed by Wade Robson) 2,3,4 and dip…and spin…now run your hand through your hair, and pout…and pop, and lock…get in a dress and a wig…and shimmy, and shake…shove off the dock at 2 am, don’t stop til you hit Havana.

  • dollywould

    This guy is a creeeep. I think my favorite thing he ever did was legally make himself the sixth Backstreet Boy, which not only got him money as manager but also a sixth of the revenues the Boys themselves were entitled to.

    He also owns the NYPD pizza franchise, and for a while you’d find his boy band and girl group members working at the Orlando location.

    And Art Garfunkel is his cousin.

  • gorillavsmarykate

    I love all the homosexual imagery in the statement above.

    “In serving the search warrants, the FBI also served notice that it was taking charge in the RAPIDLY EXPANDING PROBE OF PEARLMAN’S TROUBLED ENTERPRISE, which range from boy bands to a charter airline to DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT.”