Listen Without Prejudice: Ai Otsuka’s J-Pop Pandemonium

Feb 16th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Maybe the reason TRL is struggling these days is because its producers would never run a clip that includes a soap-covered nude drummer, a bathroom-set dance routine, and a smattering of birth-canal imagery (at least, we think that’s birth-canal imagery). Thankfully, nobody in Japan shares such lofty standards, and so they get to watch fun J-Pop clips like Ai Otsuka’s “Chu Lip,” which was unearthed by TV In Japan, and which translates roughly into English as “There Will Be Break-Dancing Near A Vagina, Yes?”

Ai Otsuka New Video: Chu Lip [TV In Japan]
Chu Lip [YouTube]

  1. rockwillnotdie

    what was that, the ska version of the birds and the bees?!

  2. Jon W

    You forgot the bukkake-inspired Love Jam LP cover!

  3. Tuffy

    And the Pepto Bismol commercial cover in front of the urinals.

  4. FionaScrapple

    Super Turbo Erection Potential NOW!!!

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