Wolf! There It Is: The New Van Halen Line-Up

Feb 16th, 2007 // 8 Comments

vhalen.jpgWolfgang’s on the left, next to the guy from CSI: Santa Barbara. Courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Exclusive: Feast Your Eyes on Van Halen 2.0!! [Rollingstone.com]

  1. Ted Striker

    When did David Lee switch place with Billy Bob Thornton?

  2. Paul D

    Isn’t this more like Van Halen 4.0?

  3. AcidReign

    …..If they actually do a studio album, I might buy it. No concerts, though. I’ve been burned five times by horrifically terrible VH live sound! No one in my home metro-area of 2 million or so would see this, either. They’ve forgotten the 70s or 80s existed. Classic rock is either ’60s Stones or Kirk Cobain. You’d be lucky to get 500 people to see VH.

  4. gorillavsmarykate

    Thankfully I’m too young to care about these people. 24.

  5. chaircrusher

    Am I alone in always having hated Van Halen? I know people who think they were great, but I think they were all 15 when they first heard VH, and imprinted on them like baby ducks.

    But then I never liked Led Zeppelin. Except for the drum break from “When The Levee Breaks.” I never understood how a bunch of skinny brits in tight pants could sell Delta Blues back to America, only this time with screechy vocals and guitar wanking.

    But to get back to Van Halen — they were an even more annoying retread of Zeppelin, with the Delta Blues fixation replaced by … nothing?

    And David Lee Roth was always an annoying sack of smegma. If this is the sort of rock star that makes the ladies humid, mankind has no hope. And Eddie Van Halen introduced zit-faced guitar hero wannabes to two-handed hammer-ons. That shit made the hole in the ozone, and caused global warming.

    At least 20 years ago they were young. Now they’re creaky, old, parodies of their former selves, and their former selves sucked to begin with.

  6. AcidReign

    …..In my opinion, Pagey was about as good as it got, rock-guitar wise, for a while. But his sound was TOTALLY different from Eddie’s. I’m not sure how Zep and VH compare, at all. I always figured VH was covering Deep Purple and Boston. I did get imprinted by the hammer-ons, and I was a lot older than 15. And let’s not forget the whammy-bar stuff, either. I’m still having to hunt up allen wrenches to undo string locks from that era!

    …..I loved VH’s attitude, heavy guitar sound, and the unique histrionics everyone tried to copy. I hated the songs, lyrics and vocals, at least until some of the stuff Eddie wrote in the 1990s. I thought Gary Cherone and the guys made a fantastic album on “III.” I’m not terribly excited about Roth coming back, although I marginally preferred him over Hagar.

    …..Eddie was also good at lying his ass off in guitar mag interviews. He’d tell young wanna bees to jack up (or dial down) the house voltage on the power cord of their amps, or to partially unplug tubes, to get that legendary brown sound. And the day after the magazine interview came out, you just knew music instrument repair places were swamped with broken amps…

    …..The guy to trust on guitar tech in the 1980s was Tom Scholtz. His stuff worked. The Rockman, power-soaks, etc.

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