Videodrone: Patti Smith Does It For The Kids

Feb 19th, 2007 // 8 Comments

We don’t know the exact year that this clip first aired, and frankly, we’re not even sure we want to know, as the sight of Patti Smith singing “You Light Up My Life” to an audience of overjoyed kids is so wondrous and strange, we’d like to think it took place within some yet-to-be-realized astral plane. The best part is the pre-performance Q&A, in which Smith’s mentions of punk rock and Mick Jagger elicit shrieks of joy from the romper-room crowd. Be warned: This could make you weep with joy for days on end.

Patti Smith “You Light Up My Life” on “Kids Are People Too” [YouTube]

  1. The Mozfather

    Those kids are really goddamn excited. The whole thing was pretty exhilirating and bizarre.

  2. tigerpop

    Now this justifies the Hall of Fame induction.

    Meanwhile, Iggy wept.

  3. Jude

    I think the producers & host thought the kids would likely identify with the song rather than with Patti. If the host had the wherewithal, a great question would have been: “So Patti, can you tell our studio audience just what God means to you?”.

  4. Cam/ron

    It seems that the segment was filmed in ’79 or “The Year of the Child” as Patti puts it. I love that “What the hell am I doing here? I’m friends with William S. Burroughs and Robert Maplethorpe for Christ’s sake!” look on her face after the host announces that she’s going to sing.

    Indeed a dark day for American punk.

  5. Mike Barthel

    This is what Wes Anderson sees when he closes his eyes at night.

  6. Jupiter8

    Oddly, after viewing that, I have newfound respect for Debby Boone…

  7. Ebbywebby

    Previously saw this clip linked elsewhere. Best thing EVER. :)

  8. chaircrusher

    Good ol Patti. I believe A) she really did like that song and B) she came close to rehabilitating it. Though she seems to have lost track of the last verse.

    And as for the God business — back in the day Patti talked about God as much as, say Madonna or Sinead O’Connor.

    Reminds me of when Alex Chilton used to play “Volare” in his solo shows.

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