Sting Prepares To Take Police On A Jazz Odyssey

Feb 19th, 2007 // 8 Comments

stingtimes.pngBefore you shell out a few hundred bucks this week for the Police reunion, take warning: Sting is still as prickly as ever, and while we don’t expect widespread luting*, it seems like the band could implode even sooner than we predicted. First, there was the weekend’s New York Times piece on the tour rehearsals, in which everyone politely hints that, indeed, they really don’t like each other too much. And then there was yesterday’s troubling Page Six item:

One music-industry heavyweight tells Page Six: “Sting worked on Stewart and Andy for six months trying to get them to agree to tour. They didn’t really want to at first. It’s not like they need the money. They’re set for life off of the royalties alone…

But Copeland and Summers apparently didn’t realize what they had signed on for. “Andy and Stew thought they would just do the old rock version of ‘Roxanne,’ ” our insider said, “but when they showed up for sound check, Sting had created this weird, jazz-blues version of the song, and they kind of freaked out.”

Sting insisted that his version was better and sang the unexpected rendition of the 1978 hit at the Grammys – to almost everyone’s dismay.

Indeed, according to an intra-band memo that’s been floating around, Sting has all kind of interesting ideas for the new tour, including a ska-punk take on “Walking On The Moon,” a new song called “Synchronicity III: Season Of The Witch,” and a performance of “Behind My Camel” featuring actual camels.

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* And with that, we forever retire our lute jokes.

  1. brasstax

    Sting’s ego knows no bounds.

  2. Ned Raggett

    A beat-up guitar that Mr. Summers is playing isn’t the one that toured the world with him in the early 1980s; it’s an exact replica made by Fender, copying every nick, chip and scrape as well as the pickups (made by Fender’s rival, Gibson) and custom electronics inside. It’s part of a limited edition of 250 that sold out at $15,000 each – a measure of Mr. Summers’s lasting reputation among musicians and guitar geeks.

    Great god almighty.

  3. Ned Raggett

    Meantime I like the Page Six item about Vanilla Ice there.

  4. AcidReign

    …..Andy Summers, a guitar god? Who knew? I always thought of him as the guy who wore out that impersonal, sterile, plinka-plinka Roland Jazz-chorus sound. To me, Stewart Copeland was the guy to listen to, with tasty drumming. Assuming that I couldn’t change the station and avoid the Police entirely…

  5. MitchT

    Anyone who thinks that the middle section of “Roxanne” from the Grammys was some huge departure for The Police and some ominous foreshadowing has never heard The Police live. They always did a breakdown section in Roxanne when they played it live. Check out the live stuff from the Synchronicity tour.

    Everyone is freaking out because it didn’t sound just like the record.

    And that page 6 item reads like a bunch of crap. Stewart Copeland has been pushing for a reunion for years.

    (Man, I sound like a fanboy.)

  6. Mick Kraut

    Andy Summer’s records with Robert Fripp are surprisingly listenable…for a record that Robert Fripp had any involvement in creating anyway…

    Always liked Copeland’s hat work and the crack of that piccolo snare…

  7. Branded

    Here’s the truth…

    Without the reunion, Andy and Stew continue living their life as the past 20 years.

    Without the reunion, Sting’s career finally dies the death it should have long ago.

  8. musicquizking

    Stewart has been OPENLY yearning for a Police reunion for years. It actually bordered on embarassing at times!

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