The First, And Probably Last, Blind Item Ever About A “Music Journalist”

We featured Ben Widdicombe’s Daily News column a few times last week, and it would seem that he’s noticed. After all, we don’t imagine that many other people would have even one guess for the closing item in today’s column:

Which high-profile music journalist gets his subjects chatty with a little white powdered gift before they go on the air?

Come on, Ben–everybody knows that real music journalists don’t have money to buy subjects gifts.

Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher [NY Daily News]

  • Dickdogfood

    Is it DERO?!?!?!?

  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue

    Good for Krishtine.

  • sailor

    uh, the operative here is music “journalist.”

  • sailor

    or it could be the operative “term” here, depending on whether or not cogency matters.

  • Marla Collins

    Ed Bradley? Adam Curry?

  • Reidicus

    Could it be anyone but Jann?

  • lovelyday

    Totally Shadow Stevens!

  • bedpan

    kurt loder?

  • Mike Barthel

    Oh dear, I think he means Carson Daly.