The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Benett Starts Crying On The Dance Floor

benett.jpgTime for another installment of the Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files, where we raid our cassingle collection in search of a lost gem.

Artist: Benett
Song: “Don’t Mention Disco,” 1996
What happened: The Los Angeles singer Benett’s first solo album, So You’re Not Coming Over?, was full of irresistible hooks and sweetly sad songs; it also had a few cameos from that dog. alum Petra Haden. She’s since put out a few solo records, with her most recent appearance coming on a 2005 compilation by the Los Angeles label Kittrudge.
Why it should have been a hit: Back in our Discman days, we could not stop hitting the rewind button every time “Don’t Mention Disco” ended; if play-counting software had existed back in the day, this song would probably still be near the top of our charts. “Disco” tells the story of a young lady who gets jilted on the dance floor, then compounds her embarrassment by falling on her face as she tries to flee the scene, and its girl-group-ready chorus is accompanied by a swirl of analog synthesizers and heartbreak.

Benett – Don’t Mention Disco [MP3, link expired]
benett [MySpace]

  • NickEddy

    Totally time to re-launch the Idolator Mash-up thing for all the 2003-centric kids to crunch this up with “Fantastic Cat” from the other week. And “Drei Mann im Dobbelbett” by Trio. And the ID magazine commercial off “Flaunt It.” And an old cassette audiobook of The Tommyknockers by S. King. And…

  • Marlow

    Benett’s fantastic! Also — Kittridge, not Kittrudge.