The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Benett Starts Crying On The Dance Floor


Time for another installment of the Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files, where we raid our cassingle collection in search of a lost gem.

Artist: BenettSong: “Don’t Mention Disco,” 1996What happened: The Los Angeles singer Benett’s first solo album, So You’re Not Coming Over?, was full of irresistible hooks and sweetly sad songs; it also had a few cameos from that dog. alum Petra Haden. She’s since put out a few solo records, with her most recent appearance coming on a 2005 compilation by the Los Angeles label Kittrudge.Why it should have been a hit: Back in our Discman days, we could not stop hitting the rewind button every time “Don’t Mention Disco” ended; if play-counting software had existed back in the day, this song would probably still be near the top of our charts. “Disco” tells the story of a young lady who gets jilted on the dance floor, then compounds her embarrassment by falling on her face as she tries to flee the scene, and its girl-group-ready chorus is accompanied by a swirl of analog synthesizers and heartbreak.

Benett – Don’t Mention Disco [MP3, link expired]benett [MySpace]