Blind Items Reveal That Small Segment Of Musicians May Occasionally Use Drugs

Feb 20th, 2007 // 11 Comments

We’ve no idea why the NYC gossips have been so music-obsessed lately, but we’ll take what we can get. From today’s Page Six:

WHICH leotard-loving pop icon won’t be performing in Tokyo any time soon? Our tipster said she’s been banned from entering Japan “because she got caught with drugs” there . . . WHICH funnyman musician wound down after his recent concert here by getting “stoned out of his mind” at his after-party?

We know that one entry is just screaming “John Mayer,” but trust us: He hasn’t played Japan in years.

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  1. bedpan

    justin timberlake, right?

  2. crunktastik

    all of them…

  3. Stevie

    I’d guess Jamie Foxx on the second one, if Page Six had put musician in quotes.

  4. SupraCute

    Confessions from a Japan Tour?

  5. MikeP.

    Leotard loving = Madonna

  6. Butch Huskey

    leotard loving = pat benatar; and this is a blind item from 1986

    the other one would normally mean john mayer but he hasnt played NY “recently” but does have a show coming up & he did look “stoned out of his mind” on the grammys

  7. Maulleigh

    Yeah; I’m with MikeP. Madonna only wore leotards on her last tour.

    I can’t see her doing anything harsher than pot: maybe it was for her roadies and flyboys.

  8. LooseLips

    Leotard Loving – Cyndi Lauper ?

  9. Eamon

    Gwen Stefani for the first one

  10. mike a

    heh. i thought the pat benetar joke wouldn’t go over in 2007.

    “funnyman musician” – jack black?

  11. Wasp vs Stryper

    Hmm, what about Karen O?

    She wears a lot of leotards on and off set….

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