Idolator’s Britney-Bush Conspiracy Theory: Weirdly Enough, We May Have Been Right About This Thing

Feb 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment

wigspearsssssmall.jpgThose of you who doubted our earlier claim that Britney Spears has been hired by the Bush administration to distract citizens, take note: TMZ is reporting that Spears is back in rehab, and the ensuing headlines are already drawing away attention from this week’s widely reported Obamamania. Well played, Rove. Well played.

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  1. AndrewTaylor

    The media attention to Spears’ most recent bout of insanity does seem particularly elevated in these post-Anna Nicole days, so if Bush’s Brain is behind all this, his timing — once again — is masterful. If 9/11 could get us into Iraq, Britney’s haircut can get us into Morocco or something AT LEAST.

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