Hold On To Your Spandex: Van Halen Tour “Postponed Indefinitely”

Feb 20th, 2007 // 10 Comments

vhalen.jpgNOTE: This post is about the February 2007 Van Halen tour postponement; for news of the rumored tour postponement/cancellation in March 2008, click here.

Well, that was quick:

It’s true. The Van Halen tour that was never officially announced is now officially postponed indefinitely, sources told Pollstar.
The rumored tour took on an air of reality after a trade magazine announced that original singer David Lee Roth was about to sign on the dotted line, and that was soon followed by a press release via Eddie Van Halen’s spokeswoman-slash-girlfriend.
Unfortunately, the worldwide frenzy of a VH reunion was too good to be true, at least for the present day.
However, there was a lot of paper getting inked and Pollstar understands that a tour announcement might not have been far off.

On the other hand, if you had February 20 in your “pick the day the Van Halen tour goes kaput” office pool, congratulations! Be sure to spend your winnings on a nice bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila.

Van Halen On Hold [Pollstar]
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  1. brasstax

    They can’t quit now. They took a nice new picture and everything!

  2. katie_a_princess

    horse apples. the on-sale date is postponed, but the tour is not cancelled or postponed. high five, pollstar??//

  3. Chris Molanphy

    I blame Eddie.

    I decided long ago that, as much of a needling little twerp David Lee no doubt is, the only common denominator in all of these vicious breakups – from DLR to Sammy to, fercryinoutloud, Michael Anthony – is Eddie.

    Mark my words, this is mush-mouth’s fault.

  4. D Day

    This is such a joke. True or not the whole thing sucks. Where was the big announcement in the first place? They did a half-assed Friday afternoon release that was virtually ignored compared to The Police announcement. I assume that EVH’s girlfriend/publicist spearheaded that move. And c’mon, who’re they kidding – Eddie can’t even look sober in the only f’ing publicity shot they did. He was shitty at NAMM for the release of his new Fender guitar, and by all accounts, he’s shitty most of the time. Is Irv Azoff managing them? Someone needs to take the reigns on this thing.

  5. BlimpyMcFlah

    oh bugger, i was on for free tickets too.

    i’m sad, this is worser than when i found out that the hot chick from skid row was a guy. i was at the onanistic point of no return too…..

  6. RedMetal

    Remember how Dave said he wanted to “get more electronica?” The intro to the leaked Axl Rose song shows that he got beat to the punch, although we can only guess how bad Dave’s would have been based on the . . . the . . . words fail to describe what that thing Axl put out was.

  7. econdave

    Oh no! I told them once, I told them a hundred times: put “Van Halen” first and “Puppet show” last.

  8. silvergun_superman_98

    Read the article again…It states, “the tour is on hold” and not the band! They are looking to sell out a lot of venues, so my guess is it’s a money situation between ticketmaster(monopoly) and the venues. Everyone knows this will be a big draw for whomever wants to book van halen, and ticketmaster (monopoly) wants to charge as much as they can.

  9. Royfromage

    Does Diamond Dave still get to keep the new hair plugs?

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