James Brown May Finally Be Able To Get Some Rest

Feb 21st, 2007 // 2 Comments

brownsings.jpgNearly two months after James Brown hot-pantsed his way into heaven, his family members have finally agreed on a secret burial location for the body, which will be laid to rest within the next few days (though there’s still tension between Brown’s six children, his partner, and his estate manager regarding the rest of Brown’s estate). So what do you do someone who’s been expired since Christmas?

His body is in a confidential location, said Charles Reid, manager of the C.A. Reid Funeral Home, which handled Brown’s funeral.

He said he checked on Brown on Tuesday, opening the gold casket to view the body.

“I do that constantly,” Reid said. “That’s the only way I can actually check him … go in, open the casket and close it. And he’s fine.”

In fact, Brown’s will decreed that his body be treated to a daily posthumous regiment, during which the funeral parlor’s employees shine his gold casket, iron his giant stage cape, and fire three back-up horn players.

James Brown’s burial expected in next few days [AP]


  1. GeddyLee

    Is it too soon for a “Godfather of Soil” joke?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I believe the full procedure also involves Reid viewing Brown in the casket, appearing to stagger away from the casket, then bursting back toward the casket and draping a cape around it.

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