The New Guns N’ Roses Song: Your Thoughts, Your Prayers

axlgrins.jpgYesterday, we posted “Better,” the first Guns N’ Roses single from the long-delayed Chinese Democracy, and a song that couldn’t help but inspire some appropriately riotous commenting. We’ve pulled the track at management’s request, though you can still hear it over at the Hype Machine. So take a listen, and then feel free to satiate your appetite for deconstruction:

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  • radiofree

    Not only not worth the wait, but not even worth the time it took to listen to the song. “Better” indeed. Than what, is the question.

  • beta.rogan

    Music fans to Rose: “We know you know better”

  • Paul D


    I really liked the song.

  • wondergoodtx

    Who’s Alex Rose?

  • CultureBully

    Amongst the band’s other new songs this one is a little mediocre but actually hearing a studio version, compared to a live performance, it has a different feel altogether. Worth the 126-year wait? To some it is…to me, not really…but it’s better than most would expect at this point in time.

  • Chris Molanphy

    I’m with Paul D. Maybe it’s an expectations thing, but I expected something really turgid and was pleasantly surprised that it had a groove. (An Axl groove, mind you, but still…)

  • Arthur2sheds

    Welcome to the bungle

  • RedMetal

    Declawed and deballed, like a fat Persian kitty sitting in a sunny window sill. Would you like some Tender Vittles, my widdle Axl? Don’t strain yourself and remember your vitamins.

  • SpudMills

    Feh. Who cares. He’s an untalented ass.

  • mickeyprecious

    1. Love the “Where’s Izzy” choice.

    2. Did Axl wear a “Down Wit OPP” hat in the November Rain video, or am I just imagining that?

    3. I also didn’t find the song to be THAT shockingly bad. It’s cliched, but some people will dig it. After all, last week I walked by Webster Hall and saw a line around the block for none other than SILVERCHAIR. Tasteless boobs have long memories and hearts full of forgiveness.

  • FionaScrapple

    @mickeyprecious: Taking shots at GnR AND Silverchair?!? Looks like somebody’s tone deaf. Don’t fret, there’s always Poetry Slam…you don’t need rythym or melody to pretend you’re a star.

  • deusdiabolus

    He’s really into those “pretty” intros now, huh? It will be interesting to see what the final versions sound like.

  • ozacrot

    As bloated as Axl (which is really par for the course), but Buckethead’s guitarwork wholly emasculates Slash. The first song I’ve heard in a long time that I like for the guitarwork and the guitarwork alone.


    Well, I think I don’t heard anything GNR soul, more like Axl private album.

  • brady

    i’ve heard ac ouiple of other live tracks i got dowload live video of, somewhere with this not being on of them i think this better songs rox. the other song is called the blues, i can’t wait to hear the studio version of that one, rest of it ive heard, couple more ood ones,. couple fillers, lust that any album.