Listening Station: The Post-Punk Wizards Of Oz

Feb 21st, 2007 // Comment

We’ve only given a few listens to the just-released Can’t Stop It! II: Australian Post-Punk 1979-1984, but it’s already shaping up as one of our favorite reissues in a long while: Twenty jittery, jaunty new-wave and noise-pop tracks, all performed by artists we (mostly) can’t even pretend to have known about before. Three of our favorites are below; we suggest raiding the import bins for this one before they vanish:

International Exiles – Let’s Be Sophisticated [MP3, link expired]
The Swell Guys – Sidetracking [MP3, link expired]
Scapa Flow – Somewhere [MP3, link expired]
Chapter Music [Official Site]


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