“Rolling Stone” Is Looking For Young People Who Have Actually Heard Of “Rolling Stone”

Feb 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments

stonenuewissue.jpgOur thanks to the job-trolling proprietor at Emcees Without Voices, who sent along this recent want ad:

…that Rolling Stone is looking for part-time unpaid interns to start ASAP in their New York offices for a publishing assignment. You must be available a minimum of 2 days and have an impressive design and photo sensibility, as well as an interest and familiarity with Rolling Stone and its history. A majority of your responsibility will be scanning in items for our upcoming retrospective publication celebrating the history of the magazine, but you may also be called on to do editorial research. We are looking for quick learners who take direction well and have an eye for detail and organization. Please send resumes and a note of interest to rsintern@gmail.com

Clearly, the design department at Rolling Stone wants its interns to actually have some sort of functioning history of the magazine–unlike the news-sections editors, who have no qualms about hiring self-obsessed yakaty-yaks who don’t even know how to properly pronounce Jann Wenner’s name. But the real surprise here is that the magazine is planning yet another “history of the magazine,” only a year after its self-sucking 1000th issue. Please, Jann–enough with the commemorations and celebrations! We understand that you want to sell those gatefolds, but do we really need to be reminded yet again about that time Cameron Crowe, Joe Walsh, and Linda Ronstadt almost had a three-way in a Topanga Canyon mud-bath?

  1. Jude

    wait a min… does that cover read: “John Mayer-Slowhand Jr.”?


    No. Fucking REALLY??

    Just checking.

  2. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Yes it does indeed.

    The issue is super short. RS’s new favorite number is 88. Most all of their issues now are 88 pages and a third of that advertising. And three pages of self-promoting their reality show. I read RS for Matt Taibbi.

  3. Kate Richardson

    Unpaid? Really? Also, isn’t it interesting that RS requires familiarity with the magazine for a menial copy room internship, and yet for the nationally televised MTV show that didn’t seem to be a necessity…?

  4. Anonymous

    it might be for Books… when I interned there, there was one intern specifically for Wenner Books.

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