Opportunity To Purchase Police Tickets May Be Almost As Expensive As Tickets Themselves

Feb 21st, 2007 // 6 Comments

Someone’s hoping that at least one poor–yet moneyed–Police fanboy is trolling Craigslist today:

THE POLICE 30th Year Anniversary!!
Los Angeles, California
June 23, 2007
The presale starts 10AM tomorrow at ticketmaster.com

The presale code can only be used once and does not guarantee the ability to purchase tickets for the show – only the opportunity to purchase tickets. THESE ARE NOT TICKETS!

Paypal only, will email code immediately following payment recieved.


We don’t know what’s more depressing: The fact that this ad exists, or the fact that someone will probably snap up this hot commodity within the hour. Here’s hoping that the “lucky” purchaser at least prints out the e-mail with the precious presale code inside; at least this way, he’ll definitely have something to remember that $150 by.

The Police Presale Code from Best Buy – $150 [Craigslist]

  1. janine

    I have access to a presale code (I can get only one) as a Best Buy Rewards Zone member (what can I say, I’m an obsessed lady gamer). If someone wants the code, then I’ll request one for them…I don’t care. I don’t really know how I’d work out the logistics, you can only request one code for one city (New York and Boston are gone).

  2. mickeyprecious

    I would really appreciate if the Police members would not dress like they just bounced out of an early morning yoga session at Equinox.

    Seriously, would a simple white t-shirt be too much to ask? Sting looks like he’s ready to tour the Jersey shore.

  3. hindenburger

    hi Janine,
    Do you come here often? I, um…would love your code if the offer still stands.

  4. janine

    @hindenburger: sure. I’m vinyl.princess (at) gmail.com.

  5. Butch Huskey

    a co-worker of mine bought the Police fanclub membership for $100 to get presale access, but the fanclub presale is Friday, Bestbuy is thursday so in effect that money grabbing ad could have been written by Sting himself..

  6. janine

    The code was claimed by hindenburger. Sorry, slowpokes.

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