Leak Of The Day: Redman Hits The Bricks

Feb 23rd, 2007 // 1 Comment

redmanhat.jpgRedman’s Live From The Bricks mixtape surfaced last night over at Nah Right; it’s a warm-up for next month’s long-delayed Red Gone Wild – Thee Album, which we think was originally slated to come out in 1964. Three Bricks tracks are below, including “Walk On,” the first song to invoke both Kurt Cobain and Lil Wayne:

Redman – Shut ‘Em Down [MP3, link expired]
Redman feat. Mr. Red, Mr. Purp, & Ready Roc -Brick City Gangstas [MP3, link expired]
Redman – Walk On [MP3, link expired]


  1. AndrewTaylor

    I haven’t trusted Red’s music sensibilities since I made the mistake of buying “Malpractice,” but if this tape is any indication, he’s experiencing a Meth-like resurrection. Come to think of it, I was suckered into buying “Tical Zero” too, but then “4:21 … The Day After” helped redeem Method Man in a similar fashion.

    *Spins “Blackout” and crosses fingers*

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