Outro: Looking Back On A Week In Which We Used Our Illusions, Too

Feb 23rd, 2007 // Comment

- Axl giveth, and Axl taketh away.
- And to think, David had already ordered the candy-cane colored spandex.
- Jann Wenner is intrigued by this so-called “Internet.”
- Britney Spears + Tony Snow = BFF.
- It’s amazing that we’ve gone this long without a Lancelot Link reference.
- Tila Tequila is willing to give it up for just under a dollar.
- American Idol mania: They’re kidding about this Sundance Head schmoo, right?
- We can’t wait to hear Prince’s take on “Revolution 9.”
- Trent Reznor keeps hammering out those Nine Inch Nails leaks.
- Hugh Grant could be the next Andrew Ridgeley.
- Phone is ringing, ohmigod.


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