Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed

Feb 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

pitchfork.jpgThe results of our first “Pick” survey in more than two months could not have gone better: Our fake entry placed last, with 20.7% of the vote (we were hoping the Temporary Residence reference would throw everyone off). Here are the rest of this week’s Pitchfork-sourced sentences, and their accompanying reviews:

“The aforementioned post-rock ensembles like to tinker with musical narrative like the post-modernists they are, and for every bold crescendo, an incongruous tangent can disrupt the music’s linearity”: Explosions In The Sky, All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (6.0 from Brian Howe, and 25.5% of the vote)

“…but then come the stunners, ringing out perfectly with a baroque stylishness and slaying explosiveness that, if maintained for an entire album, would suffocate the hearts of even the proggiest”: Shining, Grindstone (a 7.6 from Brandon Stosuy, and 28.7% of the vote)

“”The pair erects a spire-shaped theme only to bury it in a noisy midsection, a tone akin to that of Christian Fennesz’ signal manipulation morphing melody into dynamic static”: Benevento/Russo Duo, Play Pause Stop (a 7.6 from Grayson Currin, and 25% of the vote)



  1. Major Tom

    I got it right! The (re)issues pun did it for me. Wow, these are becoming a little like taking the SAT’s. I’m sure you could sell some of these to the College Board.

  2. More Often Wrong

    For once I was right, too! And like Major Tom, it was the “(re)issues” pun that gave it away for me as well. Pitchfork takes itself to seriously for that.

  3. stosuy

    wait– do i get a trophy or something?

  4. Riley

    i can’t believe the explosions in the sky one was real. it sounded so bogus

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