Next Time, We’ll Do A Little Research: Idolator’s After-The-Fact-Checking Department

Feb 23rd, 2007 // 1 Comment

In the spirit of spreading correct information around the Internet (a novel concept, we know), we present updates on two recent stories that have lit up the blogosphere:

1. As it turned out, that free Zune promotion we posted about earlier was for MSN, not the Zune. Yes, that’s right: not only does MSN think the Zune will entice people to start their Web-browsing experience at their beleaguered portal’s home page, they think comment spam is the way to get the word out. Isn’t corporate blindness synergy great?

2. The real zeitgeist-defining item in that story on iPod-related junk that we ran yesterday is the Chat Divas Barbie doll, which “can talk on its cellphone in one hand and sing karaoke with a microphone in the other.” No word on whether it comes with its attendant 20 paparazzi.

  1. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Idolators, speaking of cavemen. Have you been to You can snoop through the appartment of the Geico caveman. You can thumb through his iPod and stuff. Sadly, mango salsa is not on his shopping list on his fridge.

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