Are You Meh Enough To Edit The “Rolling Stone” MySpace Clone?

Feb 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

Yesterday, we posted a Mediabistro ad from Rolling Stone, which is seeking someone to head up its new “music discovery site,” a.k.a. “Something like MySpace, only with lots more Mark Knopfler.” A tipster just sent us a more detailed description of the job, which is chock-full of 2003 buzzwords–and which leaves out the fact that the RS powers that be want this puppy to launch in only nine months:

Rolling Stone is looking to create a fully customize-able music discovery site that provides the ultimate online showcase for emerging artists, both signed and unsigned. Through interactivity and dialogue, artists will be enabled to mobilize their fanbases, and consumers will be exposed to new talent, as recommended by their peers and Rolling Stone’s editors.

Based upon a user’s personal profile and preferences, s/he will be connected to others with similar musical interests as well as a common goal to share, collaborate and discuss everything music–both online and off. The site will provide the means to stream the newest releases, watch the latest videos and purchase downloads and merchandise with the ease of a keystroke. User-driven insight and preference will be the cornerstone of the site; but regular reviews and recommendations by Rolling Stone editors will also be featured.

Apparently, the magazine is also asking all of its potential employees to answer a series of questions about new-media music coverage; after the click-through, we take the liberty of answering some of them for you.

What should the point of difference of Rolling Stone’s site be? How would this site allow individuals to collaborate and maximize user-driven content?

When you’ve got so much history, you don’t need new music. De-emphasize the new; instead of secret concerts like the ones held by MySpace, hold secret screenings of Woodstock, Monterey Pop, and Don’t Look Back. Also, every piece of editorial should end with “What do you think?”

How should Rolling Stone Editors select and evaluate new musicians and artists?

Wait, you really need someone else to tell them that?

What is the best way to leverage Rolling Stone’s editorial resources and authority?

Fire the bloggers.

How will this site entice both artists and music enthusiasts? What features will be most attractive to these different user groups?

Participating artists will be guaranteed one (1) album review of at least three (3) stars, or one (1) fawning mention in “The Smoking Section.” Music enthusiasts will be able to visit yet another online destination that republishes press releases and low-quality rips of album tracks, only this time, it will be coated in a fine, somewhat self-important layer of dust.

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  1. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    So, then if their hipster RoSto networking site balloons big enough, Rupert Murdoch aquire yet another website?

  2. DavidWatts

    “(NEW YORK, NY) – Rolling Stone, no longer to content to squander its reputation with lackluster and largley ignored content in simply one kind of media, is now poised to fail simultaneously in print, television, and the internet.”

  3. drjimmy11

    The site will create synergy with the RS reader-base by featuring a groundbreaking web2.0 AJAX-powered “Virtual Lawn(tm)” paradigm, from which users will be able to encourage “Virtual-Damn_kids”(tm) to remove themselves.

  4. More Often Wrong

    But will this mean an end to the ceaseless bickering between clueless conservatives and self-righteous liberals?

    Will they be compartmentalized and cordoned off into virtual sanitoriums where they can argue amongst their own kind about whether Ted Nugent is racist and/or gay?

    Will Matt Taibbi finally smile?

  5. gorillavsmarykate

    DrJimmy11, nicely done.

    I feel like this just proves that music related businesses will no longer exist except online, which means there will be some seriously cheap real estate to sell off on Colorado Ave. in Santa Monica. (MTV, Sony, Universal et al)

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