Leak Of The Day: Nine Inch Nails Keeps Blowing Up

therez.jpgCulture Bully and Deaf Indie Elephants point us in the direction of “In This Twilight,” yet another intentionally-unintentional “leak” from Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming Year Zero album. The new song is accompanied by an apocalyptic website that imagines last night’s a future Oscar ceremony as a scene of utter chaos and misery–and not just because Little Miss Sunshine won Best Original Screenplay of Norbit II winning Best Picture:


The first dirty bomb went off at the Kodak Theater during the 81st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. Over the next half hour, eight more dirty bombs deployed by Islamic extremists spread a pall of radioactive dust across Greater LA. Three days later a Presidential order required the entire city to be evacuated.

The City of Angels had become a city of ghosts.

This site is dedicated to the people of Los Angeles who lost their homes, their loved ones, and their lives in Hollywood’s last fade to black.

If this is indeed an official promotional site, we’re not sure what’s offensive: Invoking religious war as a marketing gimmick, or the sub-hack-level “last fade to black” kicker.

Nine Inch Nails – In This Twilight [MP3, link removed]

  • Mr. Feller

    as I am administering the FCAT right now, I can’t listen to the track, but am supremely, extremely excited. This will be the greatest concept album ever. Year Zero will trump The Downward Spiral, I think.

  • Ned Raggett

    Of course it’s marketing — 42entertainment.com know what they’re doing — but is offensive the simplest way to describe it? (I agree the second of the two things pointed out is cliche city.) The whole story as outlined is an amalgamation of any number of paranoid strands from other sources (‘something in the water,’ UFOs, wartime jitters, Big Brother, etc. besides religious conflict write large), and dystopic near-futures are hardly unique in their predictions of horrifying catastrophes. If the specificity is the objection, there’s a whole lot more out there where that came from (and not all of it is courtesy of the Jack Chick/Left Behind standpoint, say). To my mind it’s not that far removed from a late eighties cyberpunk RPG.

    That all said, the song is easily the best of the four that have leaked — Trent’s quietest vocal so far set against a lot of Warp-descended beats and scuzz. YMMV, etc.

  • janine

    Last night’s Oscars was the 79th; this must then be set in 2009.

  • On the Spot

    what kind of evil genius could invent a smart bomb that causes random pieces of Web text to become selectively blurry??? those terrorist bastards!!!

  • Ned Raggett

    @janine: Last night’s Oscars was the 79th; this must then be set in 2009.

    Yup. In the timeline as pieced together both LA and Anaheim get hit in 2009. OH NOES DISNEYLAND.

  • Ned Raggett

    @On the Spot: those terrorist bastards!!!

    It’s evil! (All the associated websites have the same blurry text deal going on — list here.)

  • janine

    @Ned Raggett: Well as a former Clevelandite, his loyalties will be to Cedar Point.

  • Jay-C

    On the 2nd page of the site, there’s a pic of kids and below it, it says “My parents worked for E!, so they died right away…” I guess Trent won’t be making The Ten any time soon