Lollapalooza: Let The Rampant, Ill-Informed Speculation Begin!

Feb 26th, 2007 // 15 Comments

looza.jpgUPDATE (4/11/07): Hello, Googlers! The Lollapalooza lineup is here.

We’re only five months away from this year’s Lollapalooza festival, but it’s never too soon to start guessing the line-up for the three-day event, which will once again be held in Chicago. In fact, eagle-eyed sleuths have already confirmed at least one artist that’s definitely playing this year.

And it’s…Son Volt.

Okay, so that’s not exactly earth-shattering. So in order to help your guessing, we’ve put together a list of logical Lollapaloozers below, along with a handy guide to why we think they’re playing this year. If you have any further info, drop us a line at

Smashing Pumpkins @#%
Kanye West @#%
Fall Out Boy @%
Nine Inch Nails #%
Wilco @%
Satellite Party &#
Lupe Fiasco @#
Queens Of The Stone Age #%
Wolfmother #*
Red Hot Chili Peppers #*
The Shins #%
Air %
Son Volt +
Prince $
Arcade Fire %
Arctic Monkeys %
Umphrey’s McGee #

@ = Hometown act
# = Played previous Lollapalooza
% = Promoting new-ish album
$ = Erroneously rumored to have been playing Coachella
* = Play everything
& = Nonsensical, contractually required Perry Farrell project
+ = Took out ad in Spin that said, “We’re playing Lollapalooza”


  1. Stevie

    Kanye was the headliner last year, so I would guess he won’t be there.

    I’m thinking Fountains of Wayne will — they have a new album and they’re playing both Coachella and Bonnaroo.

  2. Stevie

    Kanye headlined last year, so my guess is that he’ll skip this year. I would venture that Fountains of Wayne will be there. They like Chicago and they’re already in for both Bonnaroo and Coachella. Why not make it the trifecta?

  3. DavidWatts

    This is the most hatefully unreadable list I have ever seen.

  4. Juancho

    “…one of these things is not like the other…”

  5. On the Spot

    What the hell’s the ampersand mean?

  6. drjimmy11

    ^ = shitty 90s act cashing in on unexplainable nostalgia for the worst, blandest, most creatively dead era in rock music since Elvis joined the army.

    (place next to pretty much every name on list)

  7. More Often Wrong

  8. More Often Wrong

    Awful selection there. But then again, Chicago has the Pitchfork and Intonation Festivals to bring in worthy acts.

    Kanye’s performance at last year’s Lollapalooza was poorly reviewed. I doubt he’d try that again. There are other Chicago area hip hop acts that will fill the void. Common, maybe?

    They’d be wise to study Coachella’s line-up and try to get some British acts. Perry Ferrell doesn’t understand Chicago. It’s a city full of anglophiles.

  9. More Often Wrong

    This is the kind of shitty line-up that radio stations put together, but it doesn’t reflect the music taste of real Chicagoans. The promoters would be wise to study the Coachella line-up. There are a lot of anglophiles in Chicago, and british bands are hugely popular there.

  10. dollywould

    Lily Allen’s been playing everything this year, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up.

  11. ack

    Kanye was a joy last year – but I’m not dropping the funds for Lolla this year. Intonation & Pitchfork are very manageable and should have some great acts (rumors – Jon Brion curates Intonation and Girl Talk at Pitchfork).
    It’s the Chicago Summer of Rock 2007. Yay!

  12. Dancomono

    I can’t find evidence of this ad or announcement anywhere.

    Well, save looking in an actual copy of Spin, but that would require both getting up and playing money for Spin. What kind of sacrifices are you asking me to make here?

  13. DrewWelborn

    Barack Obama @%*

    Co-headlining with Common. Song will be about getting elected / buying Gap Hoodies.

  14. redvel442

    Arcade fire and Wilco both playe previous ‘paloozas (’04 and ’05, respectively), too.

  15. Come a little Miroslav Klose You're My Kind of Man

    If the Icarus Line were still kickin’, I’d project them… Just so they could go & bum everyone the fuck out with their tired (faux) (real) (faux) rock star poses & massive shitting on anything not given the imprimatur of GSL. That said, IL is no more, but in my first-time-in-two-years visit to Buddyhead last week, I noted that they have a new band, The Po Po, that is touring Europe with Reznor. So, maybe when TPP swings back stateside, they’ll stop in Grant Park.

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