The Police Remain The Kings Of Payin’

Feb 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

policegrammys.jpgEveryone knows that the Police reunion tour is going to make the band members rich–or at least richer than they used to be, which is pretty good when you consider that most of them can afford to buy private islands and to train monkeys to work as butlers. But a tipster just sent along some info on what the trio will be making on its summer tour, and let’s just say their new paydays are many miles away higher than we expected.

…amid the recent Police tour frenzy, I thought you’d appreciate knowing that everyone’s favorite punk-turned-jazz rockers are listed on [a major booking site] as making 2 to 4 million per show. As a tour-cash barometer…here’s what some other top acts are listed as making:

The Rolling Stones: 1.5-3 mil

U2: 1.5-2 mil

Paul McCartney: 1-2 mil

Simon & Garfunkel: 750k-1.5 mil

Madonna: 500k-1.5 mil

Celine Dion: 350k-1.5 mil

Guns N Roses: 250-400k

Radiohead: 200-350k

And, just to make a point…here’s what The Police members make when flying solo:

Sting: 150k-1 mil

Stewart Copeland: 10-50k

Andy Summers: 10k

A mere $10,000 for Summers? We’re pretty sure Juelz Santana got three times that just for showing up at a house party in Paramus, N.J. for an episode of My Super Sweet 16.

  1. JDel

    I bet they’re still only paying Andy 10k.

  2. Artie Fufkin

    I wonder how Bonnaroo can afford that. It is quite a leap form 350K for your headliner to 2 mil.

  3. MConnor

    I dunno, Andy probably still has a lot of cache from his gig as the band leader on the Dennis Miller show. That’s gotta be worth at least 11K.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Only $10K for the man who wrote “Mother” and “Behind My Camel”? Where is the justice?!

  5. The Playlist

    But are these figures before expenses? Very likely. People never account for that that when they hear these huge numbers.

  6. Barry Lutz

    Going from those figures, a reunited Pink Floyd would be worth about $10M/show.

    A reunited Clash (before Strummer died) would have been worth $50M, but would have only actually made about $500K probably…

  7. Death

    How much would it cost to prevent the Police from reuniting?

  8. Reidicus

    I’m pretty sure Bonnaroo isn’t paying the going rate. Fests usually negotiate discounts with everyone, and this is probably no exception.

  9. Come a little Miroslav Klose You're My Kind of Man

    Whenever I’m in the mood for found-sound, I put on Damien Jurado’s Postcards & audio letters. Then, at track seven, as the abusive divorced dad bellows, “You called the fucking Police? You dumb cunt”, I imagine that he means he cannot believe that the concerned mother phoned Sting, Stewart, & Andy & asked them to intervene. Now, this has become even funnier, in light of the going-rate for getting the Police to appear being so high.

  10. FionaScrapple

    I will kill them for a cigarette.

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