“I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide, Part Seven

While you were watching Celine Dion’s wildly gesticulative Oscar tribute to Ennio Morricone, intern Kate Richardson was watching I’m From Rolling Stone, the reality show that MTV’s schedulers can’t hide–no matter how much they try.

Highlights from episode 107: “Lupe and Other Fiascos”:

-Krystal and Krishtine discuss the finer points of writing about Brooke Hogan’s grill.

- In an effort to wrap up their interview with something “a little unconventional,” Russell asks Lupe Fiasco (a black Muslim) about black Muslim terrorists. Lupe was…not pleased.

-Krishtine writes an article about Cassie, but despite her stint as the editor of esteemed Bay area publication Ruckus, she winds up shocked and appalled by the so-called “editing process.” Tika talks her down, proving herself to be the wiser (and therefore less compelling) reality-show character.

-Krystal tries to convince the editors that her Brooke Hogan post should be published under the pseudonym of “Krystal Jagger,” which leads to the following back-and-forth:

JOE LEVY: “I’d feel a little ridiculous going with somebody’s assumed name if it was Cobain or Springsteen, and I feel the same way with Jagger.”
KRYSTAL: “I don’t know why I can’t use it! I didn’t take it…there’s, like, more than one Jagger. He didn’t make up that name…I just chose it. I just like it.”
…to which the show editors respond with a hearty laugh and a zoom in on Krystal’s Rolling Stones keychain.

-Krishtine takes the initiative to head out to Harlem and interview DMX, impressing the editors and conveniently setting up a tense competition for the finale. Well, it would be if anyone were watching and/or caring.

-The editors step up their game even further, ending the episode with a dramatic shot of Tika looking at Krishtine’s stories and saying, “Damn! That was some fine work. Why didn’t I think of that?” in a hushed, almost villainous tone.

Most annoying intern of the episode: Krystal. The whole calling yourself Jagger and then denying the Rolling Stones connection is weird and above all ridiculous.
Least annoying intern of the episode: Peter. Because he expressed genuine confusion/skepticism about Krystal’s pseudonym choice, and also because he was not a principal character this episode.
Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three stars
Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: N/A. Not a chance. Clearly, Jann expressly requested to be edited out of every episode, and in fact, labors under the illusion that the show doesn’t even exist.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Don’t forget the way the show’s editors decided to pump up Krystal’s villainy/shallowness by including an extraneous segment about her blonder-than-blonde shopping spree. During said spree, she introduced herself as “Jagger” to the Eurotrash tourists she was chatting up, who rightfully asked if she was related to the famous one. (Which she, of course, denied.)

    For someone who hates being edited, I’m sure Krish would love the way the show editors are working overtime to suddenly portray her as the come-from-behind girl. Oh, the manipulation!

  • Wasp vs Stryper

    I love how Krystal sometimes, when hoping to look very serious and smart and thereal, makes these horrible O faces. The same way that idiot Joe Blower from Hinder makes O faces when he thinks he is rocking out. Come to think of it, his frosted tips are blonder than blonder, so maybe he and Krystal could start, you know, making D-List “rock crowd” O faces together…..

    And with that, I am back to my morning coffee.

  • ntfadway

    What is up with these kids?? I am watching an episode for the first time and i can’t believe what these kids are doing. The one girl is pissed that she can’t use “Jagger” as her last name. It is painfully obvious as to why that is a ridiculous name to use when writing for Rolling Stone ! ??

    Then there is this kid who can’t get anything in on time , acts half-asleep all the time , looks like this job is a big pain in his ass. Then he gets on the phone with Lupe and starts some shit with an insane, racial approach to something he knows nothing about. ??

    I am confused. What ever happened to “No Tolerance”
    When these kids do shit like this , it should be like , ” Thanks, but no thanks … NEXT!! “

    give the kids a chance who would give their arm just to have the experience!!