Hard-Hitting News Investigation Proves That Emo Is Dangerous

It’s official: As far as alarm-sounding youth movements go, emo is the new goth. At least that’s what we learned from this North Dakota news broadcast, in which a concerned local sheriff warns of the dangers of “dressing emo,” an activity that apparently leads to cutting, crying, and talking to a television reporter with Fall Out Boy playing the background. If this thing is real–and it looks like it is–it’s a bittersweet reminder of what it was like to grow up in the ’80s and early ’90s, a time when instead of worrying about terrorism or guns, your biggest fear was that you’d be confronted with clueless, over-reactive grown-ups who didn’t realize that something like “the Emo Emu” is obviously a joke.

I Must Be Emo- News Report [YouTube, via Matablog]

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