Second Spin: Taking A Trip To Los Lobos’ “City”

Feb 27th, 2007 // 6 Comments

loslobos.jpgEarlier this year, a commenter made the bold claim that Los Lobos’ The Town And The City was “their best album ever,” prompting us to dig through our promo pile and give it another listen. And while City is no How Will The Wolf Survive?, it’s a great record nonetheless, one that’s full of sparse, ragged instrumentation and pognant lyrics. Two of our favorite tracks, including the heartbreaking “Little Things,” are bwlow; if listening to them makes you feel like you’re turning into your dad, just tell yourself you’ve found some new M. Ward bootlegs or something:

Los Lobos – Little Things [MP3, link removed]
Los Lobos – The City [MP3, link removed]
Los Lobos [MySpace]

  1. coolfer

    this was my favorite record of 2006.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Any Kiko fans in the house? I realize it’s dated early-’90s Mitchell Froom, but I still love it and dial it up on the iPod from time to time.

  3. Mike P.

    I’m a big fan of Kiko, Colossal Head and especially the amazing first Latin Playboys album. But I feel like everything since then has been increasingly diminishing returns.

  4. Juancho

    Colossal Head and Good Morning Aztlan were two records I always enjoyed.

  5. TheSkinny

    Wha? Someone actually took action based upon what I posted here?

    I really need to use my powers of persuasion for a higher purpose than pop-music websites.

    Maybe I could’ve convinced Dubya that it was a bad idea to invade Iraq.

    Maybe I could smooth over this whole Israel/Palestine thing.

    Maybe I could lead the fight against trans fats.

    Most importantly, maybe I actually could’ve gotten laid in college!

    Thanks for ruining my day.


  6. gregor

    i go back and forth between how will the wolf and kiko being my favorite los lobos records – and a couple of my favorite records of all time. i tend to find my self coming back to kiko most of the time though. although, i have been getting back into the neighborhood as of late. sadly, i have not given the town and the city enough love as of late. maybe, i will start tomorrow.

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