Fake Justin Timberlake Afterparty Highlights Frustrations Of Life In Outer-Ring Suburbs

Feb 27th, 2007 // Comment

jtsexybehind.jpgWatch out, Justin Timberlake fans in far-flung towns–those rumors of JT wanting to party at your local watering hole are, alas, probably false:

It has come to our attention that there have been several announcements of official Justin Timberlake after parties or events during the FutureSex/LoveShow tour,” the label explained in a press statement. “We would like to take this time to make absolutely clear that there are no official Justin Timberlake after parties, signings or events.

“We regret that there are individuals who are willing to take advantage of Justin Timberlake’s name and his fans and we hope that all these false rumors will be laid to rest.”

The announcement comes after a recent spate of disputes between club owners and the pop star’s attorney, such a recent incident in Round Lake, IL, where a local bar owner, Joe Piagentini, has been promoting an upcoming Timberlake appearance at his Sharky’s Billiards, and selling tickets for $100 a pop.

Round Lake is about 40 miles northwest of the Allstate Arena, the venue outside Chicago where the concert that this “afterparty” was for is scheduled to happen. How did people think that, after a long, grueling show, Justin was going to hop on his bus and drive for another hour to someplace even more remote? Then again, if people did actually believe Piagentini’s “he’s really coming!” story, they’re either completely deluded or too lazy to get their butts to Chicago, since there are still tickets–$55 tickets, even!–available to the Allstate show.

Justin Timberlake’s camp calls after-party claims bogus [LiveDaily]
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