RIAA Hitting Music Bloggers Right In The Bandwidth?

riaaack.jpgIn the past few days, we’ve heard about a few incidents where the RIAA has asked hosting companies of bloggers to suspend accounts that post unsanctioned MP3s:

· Last week, Side One, Track One had its account suspended by its hosting provider because it posted a few Kaiser Chiefs Kings Of Leon MP3s–even though by the time the blog’s account had been suspended, the blogger had replaced the MP3s with links to streams sanctioned by the Chiefs’ management promotion company, Cornerstone.
· On Tuesday, the company that hosts Country Pinball Machine’s MP3s shut down the blog’s account after the RIAA complained.
· Shameless Complacency posted some Wilco tracks today; shortly after, the blog was taken down “for a violation of [Wordpress’] Terms of Service” by its host, WordPress.com, although there’s no confirmation yet that the RIAA was involved.

Are blogs the RIAA’s next big target–and is the tactic of going to hosting companies first an extension of the RIAA’s attempts to get Internet service providers involved in its antipiracy methods? If you’re a blogger and you’ve had some strife with your host lately, drop us a line, and let us know which songs got you in trouble. (“Don’t Know Why,” perhaps?)