British Festivalgoers May Have A Hard Time Seeing The Arcade Fire

glastonbury.jpgThose of you hoping to make it to this June’s Glastonbury Festival–the three-day camp-out concert that will feature sets by the Who, the Killers, and our Northern saviors–had better start begging on Craigslist UK:

…with 145,000 places up for grabs at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, organisers have announced that as many as 395,000 people have registered to buy one. Glastonbury’s new registration system, which required people to fill in a form and submit photo ID before they could actually apply for tickets themselves, was introduced this year in an attempt to combat touts.

The deadline for the scheme passed yesterday, and festival organisers today confirmed to the BBC that they received nearly three times as many applications as there are places on site…In fact, when tickets go on sale on April 1, those who have completed the registration process will be able to apply for up to four tickets each, making them an even rarer commodity.

Of course, if you don’t get a ticket, you can easily replicate the Glastonbury experience in your backyard: Simply fill up a mini-pool with mud and feces, put an NME compilation on shuffle, and hire some out-of-work British actors to stagger about and occasionally break into drunken brawls. Cheaper than the real thing–and cleaner, too!

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