Van Halen Drama Gets Fleshed Out Even More

Mar 12th, 2007 // 6 Comments

loookout%212.jpgThe on-again/off-again Van Halen-reunion fiasco has gotten even more depressing: Last week, Eddie went into rehab, and David Lee Roth claimed he had been shut out of tonight’s Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. The L.A. Times has an update of the behind-the-scenes brouhaha, and for those of you who thought this story had already reached its nadir, we have two words for you: “Paul Schaffer.”

The Roth camp says that the only offer they had received before Friday was an invitation to perform “You Really Got Me” with Velvet Revolver. Roth balked in part because that song, off Van Halen’s first album, was originally recorded by the Kinks and is not a “true” Van Halen song.

Roth wanted to do his trademark tune, “Jump,” but that was a curveball for Velvet Revolver, apparently, with rehearsal time limitations. On Friday, according to sources close to the show, event producer Joel Gallen offered Roth a chance to do “Jump” with Paul Schaffer and some players of Roth’s picking but, for Roth, that came too late, apparently, to allow travel and needed rehearsal time.

Hall officials, privately, were surprised and wondered if Roth really wanted to perform at all. They also said if he had traveled east to New York to work with the producers on site, everything would have worked out.

What would be worse: An overstuffed “Jump” with Schaffer grinning and preening like a madman, or a “Jump” in which Scott Weiland tries to make “Wow-ow! Hey, you! Who said that? Baby, how you been?” sound seedy and menacing?

Rock Hall of Fame denies it snubbed Van Halen’s Roth [LA Times]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Schaffer may be a cheese-merchant, but he’s also a quick study and very versatile, and I’ll bet he could’ve arranged a respectable version of “Jump” in no time.

    Still, there’s something more..I dunno, right about Roth declining to perform with Eddie unavailable. And he’s totally right about “You Really Got Me” being a pointless song to do given the Kinks provenance. I dunno, I know Roth’s a pill, but I gotta say I’m with him on virtually everything here.

  2. Tracer Hand

    Why do bands perform for this at all? When they inducted Rollie Fingers into baseball’s Hall of Fame they didn’t pressure him into wheezing out one last, weak curveball towards home plate.

  3. Hyman Decent

    Is it too late to call Gary Cherone?

  4. SterileEyes

    Translation: Velvet Revolver can’t take…six minutes to learn how to play “Jump”. They can’t take five minutes to learn any STP song other than “Crackerman” or “Sex Type Thing” either.

  5. Jupiter8

    I’ll tell you what’s worse than jamming with Paul Schaffer…my local rag claimed yesterday he might get up on stage and perform with the band inducting VH, “Velvet Underground”…

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