Liner Notes: Snoop Dogg Learns The Swedest Taboo

Mar 12th, 2007 // Comment

- With just a tinge of sadness, Snoop Dogg’s managers turn the “WE’VE GONE __ DAYS WITHOUT A DRUG-RELATED INCIDENT” sign back to zero. [AP]
- Foxy Brown owes New York state $4,780 in traffic-related fines, including a $1,000 ticket for parking her diamond-covered Dodge Viper on a non-tricked out street. [New York Daily News]
- R.E.M. has hired Bloc Party producer Jacknife Lee to work on the band’s next album, tentatively titled Stipe Making Sense.* [NME]

*Sorry. We’re saving our good R.E.M. jokes for tonight.


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