Not That You Care, But “I’m From Rolling Stone” Is Definitely Done

Mar 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

rollblog.jpgSo this is how MTV’s I’m From Rolling Stone ends: Not with a three- or even four-star bang, but with a one-star whimper. After weeks of publicizing the show like crazy, the magazine’s blog has removed last week’s rah-rah post about Sunday night’s never-aired episode, and buried this little announcement where it knew no one would find it:

And we know our MTV reality show wasn’t on the air last night. Don’t despair, the show will air next Sunday at 11 P.M. EST, as an hour-long, season-ending finale. Which one of our newbies will join the RS roster? Will it be Pete? Colin? Tika? Find out next Sunday, and tour our episode guides to get caught up before it all ends.

Bad news first: The low-rated reality show–which clearly not even most of our readers cared about–will be buried when no one’s around to see it. The good news, though, is that we’ll finally learn which space cadet wins a job at Rolling Stone, where his/her duty will be forever erasing any and all mention of the show from the magazine’s website.

  1. MC

    You just KNOW that the real, actual editorial interns are mad pissed that one of these pretty schmos gets a gig, and they’ll be lucky to get a letter of rec.

  2. Hamm Beerger

    This is the perfect ending to my first meta-show. I never knew of it outside of the excellent Idolator recaps and now that memory will be preserved forever.

    If it had become a big hit I might actually have bothered to watch it and only disappointment could have followed.

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