Today’s High-Self-Esteem Moment: The Best Music Blog Of 2007 Is Actually Not A Blog At All

Mar 12th, 2007 // 3 Comments

pitchfork.jpgCongratulations to Pitchfork, which took home the title of “Best Weblog About Music”* at this afternoon’s Seventh Annual Weblog Awards despite, you know, being more of an “online magazine” than a “blog.” Hey, it’s all semantics, right? We’re just miffed that SHOW US YOUR WEINER was, once again, passed over. No weiner dogs, no justice!

Seventh Annual Weblog Awards []

* To be honest, we’re pretty shocked that the Yank Blog didn’t take this category in a landslide, since all of the winners were selected through online voting. Talk about the Internet letting us down!

  1. happysteve

    Ah well, what can I say? Pitchfork was the better music site.

    And I had already spent the prize money. *gulp*

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