Limping To The Top: Which Album Will Be Your Next No. 1?

Mar 12th, 2007 // 6 Comments

According to the often-disputed industry tip sheet HITS, there’s a three-way fight brewing for the No. 1 spot on this week’s album chart between Christian rockers Relient K, late New York hip-hop legend Notorious B.I.G., and the most important band in the universe. We’re thinking that Relient K will pull out a narrow victory here, if only because we always underestimate the power of Christian bookstores, but we’d like to know what your thoughts on the whole matter are. (Related question: Will any of them break the 100k mark?)

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Rumor Mill [HITS Daily Double]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Looks like it’s over already, with Biggie on top. HITS’s building sales chart (we’re at the halfway point now; the chart closes tomorrow at around 5 p.m.) has Biggie at #1 already and Relient K/Arcade Fire not even in the top 10. It’s possible that a surge will put those two laggers in the top 10 when the counting’s done, but there’s no way they’re going to make up a 43K vs. 15-19K difference tomorrow.

  2. qyntellspitbull

    I always thought that Christian bookstores don’t report to soundscan.

    The bassist from Petra told me that.

  3. Dan Gibson

    The big Christian bookstore chains (Family, Berean) report Soundscan numbers, but I would imagine the majority of Reliant K’s sales come from Target and Wal-Mart (since Christian retailers usually have FYE-type pricing structures for CDs).

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