Liner Notes: Those Fables Of The Reformation Might Have Been Premature

Mar 13th, 2007 // 1 Comment

- Despite irresponsible, speculative, and nonsensical rumors to the contrary, R.E.M. will not be reuniting with original drummer Bill Berry. [Billboard]
- Why did police find four rifles and nine handguns in John Popper’s car last week? Because he’s “an avid gun collector.” Well that’s a comfort. [WENN]
- Former American Idol contestant Mario Vazquez is being sued by an ex-show employee, who claims the singer harassed him by performing solo in the men’s bathroom. [MTV]


  1. chrisb

    Today iTunes is hawking a new single by R.E.M. with Berry playing drums. It’s a cover of Lennon’s “#9 Dream” that benefits Darfur or Yoko Ono or something else needy/scary.

    So one could argue that your reunion prediction came true. Sorta.

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