Leak Of The Day: Can You Dig The New Turbonegro Single?

Mar 13th, 2007 // 3 Comments

turbonegro2.jpegThe new single from Turbonegro–a.k.a. the finest sexually ambiguous death-punk-metal act to ever come from Scandinavia–has found its way to our iTunes player, which accurately characterizes the song as “DeathPunk.” And while “Do You Dig Destruction” doesn’t quite reach the daffy heights of such time-tested classics as “Blow Me (Like The Wind)” and “Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.),” it does maintain the band’s riff-roaring sound:

Turbonegro – Do You Dig Destruction? [MP3, link expired]
Turbonegro [MySpace]

  1. pinder

    “All My Friends are Dead”, the single from their last album was very under-rated

  2. MConnor

    I don’t know what’s sexually ambiguous about songs titled “rendezvous with anus.”

  3. rinjonjori

    They rock and if thats not your thing– that’s okay. Sexually Ambiguous people need hard rock too.

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