Idolator At SXSW: Keep Those Tips, Rumors, And BBQ Recommendations Coming

hookem.jpgWe’re less than three hours away from the Chamillionaire performance that is doubling as the kickoff for the music portion of this year’s South By Southwest conference, and we’re still looking for any tips on bands to see, showcases to avoid, or David Byrne sightings. Any SXSW-related info should be sent to our SXSW tipline, which is directly connected to your Austin-translated Idolator’s hip. (And for those of you who may not be in Austin, but who are interested in what the hell we’re going on about, Hypebot’s “How To Pretend You’re At SXSW” may be of some assistance. Just be sure to read it while you’re drinking a Shiner Bock.)

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  • Ted Striker

    Better idea: when you reach your BBQ saturation point, take Manor Rd. east of 35 and find Hoover’s. Best soul food in the city, and arguably the best cream gravy in all creation.

    Also, make sure to have a Real Ale or a St. Arnold’s in between Shiners. The real Texas microbrews need love too.

  • Kate Richardson

    And you’ll want to be authentic, so when you take Manor Rd., make sure you’re saying it in your head as “may-nor” and not like manner.

  • krazedaise

    i recommend these places to eat:
    Tony’s on 6th street. on hte other side of I-35. Cheap and the best home cooking ever.

    Azteca on 7th street. Great mexican food

    for BBQ, if you must stay in Austin, Sam’s on 12th is the best. But if you want really good and cheap BBQ, drive to Lockhart and have Chisolm’s. MMM.

    Bands to see: (Well bands I’m seeing)
    The States
    Nicole Atkins
    Scout’s Honor
    Ainjel Emme
    Aaron Mannino
    The Drawing Board
    Oliver Future
    The Lemurs
    Black Tie Dynasty
    Real Live Tigers

  • MConnor

    Similarly, “Manchaca” is “Man-Chack.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget to hit the Flatstock rock poster convention if you get the chance. Tell ‘em El Negro sent ya.

  • Reidicus

    I got yer David Byrne sighting right here: