John Denver’s “High” Was Not As Gonzo As You Think

Mar 14th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The Colorado State Assembly has hit upon a novel way to lure young, affluent, and cool visitors to their state: By employing a 35-year-old John Denver ballad. And for those of you who still snicker when you hear “Rocky Mountain High,” one politician wants to scare you straight:

“A high is medically the releasing of endorphins in the brain — yes, drugs cause it, but so do lots of other things,” said State Senator Bob Hagedorn, a Democrat from the suburbs of Denver who successfully led the drive on Monday to make Mr. Denver’s anthem “Rocky Mountain High” Colorado’s second state song. The tune will have joint status with “Where the Columbines Grow,” which pretty much everyone agrees is about flowers.

“We could be talking about guys who’ve been fishing all day, or kids pigging out on s’mores, with the chocolate,” Senator Hagedorn said, referring to other endorphin-producing activities. “If I thought there was anything in that song about the use of drugs or encouraging the use of drugs, I would never have run the resolution.”

Senator Hagerdon went on to note that N.W.A.’s “Dope Man” is about “a very savvy young fella who’s no dope, man,” and also praised Glenn Frey’s “Smuggler’s Blues” for its “tough stance on contraband, not to mention its sheer saxiness.”

Colorado Has Song in Its Heart, and Not Drugs on Its Mind {NY Times]
[Photo courtesy of Best of The Muppet Show With John Denver]

  1. Bob Loblaw

    Sure, everybody’s proposed a meaningless bill to the Colorado State Senate–but have you ever proposed a meaningless bill to the Colorado State Senate…ON WEED?

  2. Brian Raftery

    It is a mushroom. And here I thought it was just another cupcake with a mustache.

  3. beta.rogan

    Yeah, not to mention Gonzo has a look of desire going on with that mushroom…. If any of the Muppets were prone to taking hallucinogens, it would be him.

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