Which Journalist Should Write The Next Glowing Ultragrrrl Profile?

As this week’s Village Voice cover story proves, it’s hard to find a NYC writer who doesn’t have some sort of connection with Ultragrrrl–even if it’s just through random nightlife socializing. And since we’d love to read an Ultra piece that takes an outsiders’ stance, we asked several high-profile scribes about whether they have enough distance to remain truly objective. Their responses after the click-through.

GAY TALESE: Afraid not. During one of my many Writer’s Life funks, she was kind enough to take me to MisShapes, where I got to meet one of Duffs–Hilary? Angelica?–up close in the DJ booth. Plus, she’s so nice!

MAUREEN DOWD: Sorry. To me, she represents the freedom and self-reflection of mid-Iraqi war twentysomething feminism, and her ability to succeed at a male-dominated music magazine by having pancakes with Brandon Flowers is empowering. Plus, she’s so nice!

ADRIAN NICOLE LEBLANC: Depends. I would need 2-3 years of fly-on-the-wall stuff with the Oohlas before even considering it.

NORMAN MAILER: Just what the fuck is an ultra squirrel?