Decemberists Guitarist Makes Sam Walton Spin In His Newly Priced-Down Grave

Mar 14th, 2007 // 8 Comments

decemberiststree.jpgInappropriately surnamed Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk takes on the man (gently) in this Washingtonian interview:

Did you know that you can buy Decemberists CDs at Starbucks?

I do.

How do you feel about that?

I’m fine with it. Of course, we want as many people to buy our records as possible, and I think anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. And we don’t want to buy Lear jets or whatever, but I’m fine with our CDs selling at Starbucks. We can’t monitor everywhere where our stuff is sold. I don’t know enough about Starbucks to say that they’re so super-bad that I don’t want them selling my record. I don’t go through every item in clothing and figure out whether kids in China made it. I think I know what you mean, though. I think the initial knee-jerk reaction is that the Decemberists are in cahoots with Starbucks. But our CDs sell at Walmart, and Walmart’s horrible, but I’m not going to say don’t say to sell our record at Walmart, though maybe I should. I don’t know. I think there are bigger battles to be fought right now.

Damn! More like Diss-emberists, if you ask us. But seriously, three hours after this interview ran, Funk was found face-down in a ditch in Bentonville, AR.

After Hours Interview: Chris Funk of The Decemberists []

  1. zibby

    This dude should be a senator.

  2. musette

    The problem with Starbucks distribution is its accurate perception as an “MOR” brand.

    The Decembrists are a perfect Starbucks band – the list on Starbucks’ hear music site are very Decembrists’ friendly (John Mayer, Beck). I didn’t actually see The Shins there, but I am sure they would be had I looked hard enough.

    Starbucks is like all the music my parents listen to in one place. Or the music a “cool” doctor would play in his waiting room. Not actual cool music, but music that makes you think, “Huh, it’s not the Eagles or Musak. Cool.”

  3. dollywould

    Yeah, Wal-Mart is bad, but for many places in this country, it’s the only option. I’m a magazine editor and the majority of our sales are from Wal-Mart. As far as Starbucks, why not? They’re everywhere and they seem like a good fit for the Decemberists.

  4. drjimmy11

    The problem with Starbucks distribution is its accurate perception as an “MOR” brand.

    This does not make sense. If most music Starbuck’s sell is “MOR” (and I still don’t after all these years know what that stands for) and, for the sake of argument, we say the Decemberists make good music (which they did up until this most recent album), then isn’t it a good thing if they elevate the quality of music sold in Starbuck’s? How could giving people the chance to buy good music possibly be wrong? And Starbuck’s is an excellent corporate citizen; they pay well and give their part-timers benefits. WTO-protest-going college sophomores may jerk their knees at the site of the logo, but really, they’re fine.

    Wal-mart is another story. And, the Decemberists guy kind of lost me at “I heartily endorse sweatshop labor!” Oh well.

  5. 30f

    Dcemeberist fans also apparently jerk their knees. In 2007 if you can sell your music ANYWHERE, it is impressive. Starbucks, Jiffy Lube, Spearmint Rhino – why would you care?

    I understand everyone wants to be “cool” but should second tier indie rock (whatever that means) bands really be turning down dollar bills in this atmosphere.

  6. FionaScrapple

    To paraphrase Rodney: The Decemberists?!? Listen to it! Oh, that’s the worst disc I’ve ever heard. You buy a disc like that you should get a free cup of coffee!

    Looks good on you, though!

  7. Hamm Beerger

    What the hell is wrong with Wal-mart? They sell stuff cheap and they’re successful at it, I’ve never understood why that’s a bad thing. And making Kurt Cobain change the word rape to waif on the tracklist does not make them Nazis.

    Starbucks, on the other hand, is evil… but only because their coffee sucks.

  8. Anonymous

    First of all, Walmart has destroyed every Mom&Pop store that they have been built next to. By doing that they become the only place you can shop, So now that any compatition is out of the picture they can raise prices and discontinue certan products that other places might carry. And as for changing rape to waif, I thing it is rediculous, a song is an artists vision from the title to the last note played, no one should have the right to change that. Now to the point, who cares where albums are sold, if you had an album would not want as many sales as possible?

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