Listening Station: Tiny Masters Prove That The Kids Are All Right

Mar 16th, 2007 // 7 Comments

ada.jpgThis afternoon, we spent a few hours on Todd P‘s Austin patio, and the highlight was the set by Brooklyn band Tiny Masters Of Today, a sparsely punky outfit made up of a pair of siblings. Who happen to be 12 (Ivan, vocalist/guitarist) and 10 (Ada, bassist/vocalist). Not only did they know how to work a crowd–they introduced their anti-Dubya song, “Bushy,” with explanations to appease both the Bush-haters and GOP members in the audience–they proved to be quite adept at selecting both sidemen (Russell Simins, of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, was their drummer) and set-closing covers (House Of Pain’s “Jump Around,” which–get ready to feel old–came out before both of them were born). The best part: After the band finished playing, a young girl who had been watching approached Ada to say hi and, we’re hoping, swap some bass tips.

Tiny Masters Of Today – Stickin’ It To The Man [MP3, link expired]
Tiny Masters Of Today [MySpace]

  1. hjih

    i’m so disappointed that todd p jumped on the bandwagon with the pre-teen band novelty.

  2. Anonymous

    Russell Simins backing them up makes these kids alright with me.

  3. josephtm

    Sure, they’re cute now, but soon enough they’ll be full-grown hipsters and do you think you’ll still care then? I’m not saying you’re not responsible enough, I just don’t want a repeat of the guinea pig incident.

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