Blogsmacked: Bad Ideas And More Bad Ideas (And A Few Accordions)

Mar 16th, 2007 // Comment

- Judging by the way festival sponsor Slacker was being marketed–”hot” ladies in not a lot of clothing and a daunting-looking venue on Sixth St.–we thought it was an energy drink or one of those disgusting body sprays for horny 23-year-olds. Apparently, it’s a portable, for-profit Pandora clone that will, alas, not get you laid. [Kofi's Hat]
- Is calling Mew “amewsing” really a compliment? We guess it’s better than those fan signs at sports events that awkwardly try to work ESPN into their acronyms. [Central Village]
- When is Texas-sized fashion taken too far? When it involves tucking sweatpants into cowboy boots. [Sound On The Sound]
- A guide to all the accordion-equipped bands performing this week. This is why the Web is useful. [Let's Polka - An Accordion Blog]

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