The Race For “Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year” Is Heating Up

forwhom.jpgMany thanks to Nah Right for pointing us in the direction of Canibus’ For Whom The Beat Tolls, a perfectly horrific candidate in our competition for the ugliest album cover of the year. With recent high-profiles uglies from the likes of Joss Stone, Ted Leo, and Fall Out Boy, this is shaping up to be the best bad year ever! Keep the nominees coming!

  • Anonymous

    I think the album is actually “For Whom the Beat Tolls”, which makes this exactly 3.5x worse than it already was, sans terrible name…..

  • beta.rogan

    I wonder if he covers the SNL classic “King Tut”?

  • janine

    I’d like to nominate “Touched By The Crimson King” by Demons & Wizards. This album was so ugly, I had to buy it.
    Surprisingly, it’s not bad. I’ve seen it described as Queen meets Manowar meets Iron Maiden… that’s about right.

  • Anonymous

    @janine: Wow, that was actually pretty amazing. Good call on the Uriah Heap referenced band name, too.

  • NickEddy

    The base of the mic stand may be a mirage, but not this kid’s moxie!

    (notes to eds.: NOT a subliminal enjoinder to post more Moxy Fruvous. God, no)

  • xavierk

    canibus, for sure wins for me. Looks like a lost ad for “the Scorpion King”. Fall Out Boy’s is like the David Lynch adaptation of Good Night Moon.

  • beta.rogan

    @janine: Nice, that looks like a Sepultura album cover.

  • bambino

    This cover reminds me of all those photoshopped-til-they’re-ridiculous albums by Master P, the Hot Boyz, etc.

  • Matos W.K.

    I’m telling you, the worst cover of the year is Grinderman.

  • noamjamski

    @janine: That Demons and Wizards record is a collaboration between the main dude in Iced Earth who is always firing his band, and the singer of Blind Guardian who are known for absurd over-harmonizing.

    The record is ok, but the grandiosity can drive me nuts (arrrr!) after a while.

    It gets points for being wholly influenced by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (including that artwork you thought was gloriously awful).

    I think it has been mentioned on this site before, but the new Megadeth coming out has some amazingly shockingly awful artwork for a major label release.

  • janine

    @noamjamski: The grandiosity makes me smile. It’s as if at every turn they were like, “You know what this needs? More!” More what? “Just more!”

    My argument for the hideousness of this cover is that the center image is so poorly drawn. I bought this on vinyl; it looks like it was drawn by someone with late stage Parkinson’s.

    I’m just learning my metal. I’m basically buying anything with a wizard, dragon, Satan, or an umlaut (or Manowar).

  • Jory

    How bout a Best Album Cover of the Year as well? I’d definitely be interested to see that.

  • NickEddy

    That Demons and Wizards record is what the Arcade Fire LP should have looked like, actually.

  • noamjamski


    Oh Janine! There is so much to show you!

    If that is the kind of Metal you are finding groovy, you will enjoy the following acts, in no particular order of awesome-ness. They are all pretty over the top with a great sense of grandiosity. This is definitely not the new hipster approved Metal. This is total nerd league stuff (putting Maiden and Manowar in the “nerd league” for reference point):

    Helloween, Dragon Force, Iced Earth, Cellador, Firewind, Symphony X, Voivod, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Queensryche, Halford (solo stuff from Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson solo, Arch Enemy, and oh man! I don’t know! This is long and inappropriate for a blog comment. I’m going to stop now……

  • janine

    Done and done! Thank you so much. Since I’m indulging myself, I’m going to also say thank you to the people who recommended Mustafa Ozkent.

  • stephenbush

    I really don’t like the cover art for Air’s Pocket Symphony…although I was truly annoyed with it after unfolding the CD insert and seeing those damn glass figurines about a dozen times in the fucking artwork…I mean, what the fuck?

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    I have problems with the Amy Winehouse album cover for Back to Black because to me it reminds me of the Ashlee Simpson cover for Autobiography way too much.

  • jayladdin

    Wow, that cover is just a stone’s throw away from this equally horrible one. Spooky, no?

  • Mick Kraut

    Not to pick nits or anything but how can you have an album called “Introducing…” when it’s your 3rd record?