The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Waking Up To The A.M.

Mar 16th, 2007 // Comment

theamsheriff.jpgOnce again, we raid the “Various Artists” portion of our iPod, looking for an overlooked song:

Artist: The A.M.
Song: “If I Was The Sheriff,” 2003
What happened: Heck if we know! We made a spur-of-the-moment purchase of the A.M.’s self-titled 2003 debut based on a record-store clerk’s suggestion–and that was pretty much the last we heard of them. Even Google requests turn up just a handful of biographical detail, though we did discover that two of the band members used to play with Jeff Buckley. Or maybe it was William F. Buckley. The search results were a little spotty.
Why it should have been a hit: “If I Was The Sheriff” is overwrought glam greatness– the sound of a bunch of Americans (we think) impersonating Brits who were impersonating Americans in the first place. And every time the vocals threaten to get too campy, the guitars and synths rush in, hijack ing the entire song.

The A.M. – If I Was The Sheriff [MP3, link expired]


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