Next Time, We’ll Do A Little Research: Idolator’s After-The-Fact-Checking Department

Mar 16th, 2007 // Comment

From time to time, we feel the need to go back and correct some of the many, many mistakes that have appeared on the site. With one of your Idolators going to shows at SXSW, and the other one going insane, the past few weeks have been a doozy. Some examples:

- In today’s riff on the new Canibus album, we mistakenly refered to its title as For Whom The Bell Tolls, when it’s actually For Whom The Beat Tolls. We plan on making it up to Canibus next spring, when he releases Def In The Afternoon.
- In yesterday’s analysis of whether guest-lists are overcrowded, we actually wrote that there are “fans who see concerts as less of a musical experience and more of a musical experience,” which sounds like a mistake, but is really just us hedging our bets.
- Finally, in Monday’s Q&A with Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill, we noted that “Followill stops by Dave’s Grill every morning, where he sips black coffee and noshes on a fresh beagle.” We meant to say “poodle.”


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