Fred Durst Plans To Ruin A Whole Different Sort Of Festival Circuit

Mar 16th, 2007 // 1 Comment

limpkid.jpgAccording to The Reeler, we’ll finally get to see a Fred Durst movie that doesn’t involve him making his “oh” face on a cell phone:

The Tribeca parade continues today with the official selections in the Discovery, Showcase and Family Festival sections. And while there are plenty of notable films among the 63 titles sent along this afternoon, few stoke the curiosity as vigorously as a particular world premiere we first told you about Monday:

The Education of Charlie Banks, directed by Fred Durst, written by Peter Elkoff. (U.S.A) – World Premiere. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst makes his directorial debut with this potent coming-of-age drama about confronting one’s fears. Pensive, honorable college student Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg) must reconcile with his past when he gets an unexpected visit from a hometown thug–who may or may not know that Charlie once ratted him out to the police.

Knowing Durst, he probably misread “pensive” as “penisive.” But can he top trump his last self-directed masterpiece?

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[The Reeler]


  1. MickFNS

    I can’t wait for his take on Icicle Works’ “Whisper to a Scream”…

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