The SXSW Cutout Bin: Willie’s Water Flows To The Point Of No Return

Mar 19th, 2007 // 2 Comments

williewater.jpgA brief list of SXSW odds and ends that, for whatever reason, didn’t get their own posts:

- Willie Nelson Spring Water: When asked if it was spiked with THC, the people distributing it would only grin and say, “You never know.”
- Most sublime moment: Walking down Sixth Street on a frustrating Thursday, and hearing Expose’s “Point Of No Return” blaring from a restaurant. (We really should have held that freestyle party.)
- The best bang-per-hour quotient of any SXSW promoter: Todd P. (Although we wish Marnie Stern hadn’t played to her CD.)

- Bands we kept missing, but wanted to see: Hot Club de Paris, Mary Timony, The Wombats.
- Band we couldn’t escape: The Pipettes. And we thought Peter, Bjorn & John were overexposed!
- Band we became interested in once we saw one of Ghostface’s ad hoc backup dancers wearing their shirt: Mika Miko.
- Who are not to be confused with: Mika, who was fine, although his resemblance to Marcel from Top Chef was more than a little unnerving.


  1. The Gigante

    Mary Timony played? oh no how did i miss that! My highlights were at the Presbyterian Church shows with the Watson Twins and then the next night Bill Callahan. Great place to see shows. I was crazy enough to go to Jandek as well. Joan as Police Woman at The Ale House was pretty great too.

  2. Reidicus

    Given that they were playing about 18 shows in four days, you’d think I would have picked a different Pipettes show to attend than the one Perez Hilton decided to go to as well.

    As he says: “Being in an oasis of rockers and music industry types is a refreshing change of pace from the film festival circuit.”

    Dude, the film festival circuit misses you. Go back post-haste.

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